A 40-minute audio-visual exploration of water in four parts and four mediums: digital stop-motion animation, 16mm double projection, Super-8, and 16mm direct animation with India Ink and Cellophane. This reflection on water as a unifying force will screen September 9th, 2019 at Shapeshifters Cinema in Oakland, CA. Show details here.

Animated by hand using pencil, ink, and lightbox, Egg Tree and the Rain Storm follows small egg character "Egg Tree" through a day that teaches him patience and forgiveness. Premiering at the April 21st "Ex~peri~mental Animation Show" at Artists' Television Access in San Francisco. Show details here.

Shot on high-contrast 16mm and inspired by Chick Strand's 1979 film Kristallnacht, Scotty is a short film about life on the water accompanied by a live banjo soundtrack (that has been re-recorded for online viewing). Opened December 16th, 2017 at Artist's Television Access in San Francisco. Show details here.

All captured on Super 8, Ocotillo! documents a trek from Slab City, California to Taos, New Mexico and back, with a focus on sensory delights from the major interstates to the vast, striking, and ancient landscape that is the American Southwest.

Inspired by the indulgent pop music of Lesley Gore, When There's No Man Around pulls from the 1963 Goodyear Ad of the same name, reworking its anti-woman rhetoric into an 8-minute piece exploring menstruation, sex, queerness, and the politics of white female identity both in the mid-20th century and today.

Garbage Gold profiles three artists participating in San Francisco Recology's Artist-in-Residence program, where artists hold a studio space on-site and must salvage all of their materials from the the dump.